• Image of Juice Machine - Sparkling Water

SH 002 | Juice Machine | "Sparkling Water" | C30

Juice Machine's latest is an arresting improv spun from the headiest modulartists in the PNW.  It gets raunchy between Heather, Roger and their respective tabletops, decapitating drum machines and synths and milking every exposed organ for all it's worth.  This ain't music for the new age lightweight, but it does get hella meditative by the time you're waist deep.  Sparkling Water is a dance record for the electric chair, the music made as apple hq sinks into the pacific.  Waving goodbye to Cupertino, Juice Machine wails on the nobs over the setting sun as bubbles rising from iPads past, present and yet to come pop at their feet.

Listen: https://soundcloud.com/steadyhandrecords/jm-excerpt